Sunday, September 21, 2008

Okay, this officially infuriates me

And makes me re-think ever donating ANYTHING to the ASPCA:

SPCA Brings Squirrels from Gulf Coast to DFW
When representatives from the SPCA of Texas stop in North Texas Sunday to help reunite five dogs rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike with their owner, they will also drop off a load of squirrels from the Texas Gulf Coast.

According to a release, the SPCA of Texas is bringing about 175 wild baby squirrels to the Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney.

State-licensed wildlife rehabilitation groups are expected to pick up the squirrels and care for them until they can possibly be released into the wild.

Can someone please explain to me WHY they are rescuing SKWERLS?!? They're not only not endangered, they are a menace to society and should be culled whenever possible. Even God thinks so; otherwise, why would he have sent the hurricanes? Sheesh, people. We should be stewing them up and serving them to hungry people displaced by the hurricanes, not rescuing the dadgum terizt rats and re-releasing them onto an unsuspecting public.

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