Friday, June 27, 2008

My TV Favorites

John Caparulo, host of CMT's Mobile Home Disaster

I have a new favorite television show... it's called Mobile Home Disaster and it's on CMT.

No, I don't make a habit of watching Country Music Television, I swear. I mean, country music's great and I've come to appreciate a few of the new folks (Brad Paisley, anyone?), but watching MTV or CMT or any other Music Television is just not really my cuppatea.

I was browsing through the list of channels, though, and saw that a show called "Mobile Home Disaster" was on right then. I thought I'd check it out and see if it was as goofy as it sounded.

O. M. G. that is one of the funniest shows EVAR! The host, John Caparulo (Cap), is fall-down funny and totally TOTALLY makes the show. We now DVR the show so I don't have to watch anything else on CMT.

I also have made a switch in my late-night preference. For many, many years I have been a firm Lettermaniac. In recent years, however, he has become increasingly bitter and nasty about President Bush. I can live with silly mockery, but out-and-out hatred is just too much. Especially when it's every other joke. Dave, you're great, but get over the Bush Derangement Syndrome. Puhleeze.

No, I usually watch something else until Leno/Letterman are over and then switch to CBS to watch Craig Ferguson:

Craig is the bomb. I heart him. A lot. And he's actually FUNNY without all the bitterness. Dave needs to retire and CBS should give that time slot to Craig.

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