Thursday, June 26, 2008

Something I don't think I've ever seen

Dude was PANTING tonight... apparently our little laser-tag session on the living room walls was a pretty serious workout, because he's lying down and has his little kitty-tongue hanging halfway out of his mouth.

He's just so dadgum funny when I get the laser pen out. He actually comes over to me and ASKS me in kitty-speak to get the pen out, and when I pick up the pen, he literally hunkers over and gets into the On-Your-Mark, Get-Set position and waits for me to turn on the fun. I make him chase it around the living room floor, then I take it up the wall and he follows it up as if he's got gecko-feet.


Hey, how did you get on my foot?!?

Lookit! Up there!! MUST. CATCH. LITTLE. RED. LIGHT.

I sure wish my clawz would grip this slippery paneling so I could really catch the little bouncy light...

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