Saturday, December 01, 2007

Waiter, this sandwich tastes like CRAP!

Literally, dontcha know.

Food manufacturer in Japan unveils new hit sandwich. Ingredients?

Natto. (fermented soybeans)
Natto are a popular dish in the Kanto region, but the fecal-looking -- and smelling -- soybeans are hardly the most enticing sandwich filler...

Coffee jelly.
But Gunma Sando ground the natto into the smallest viable chunks and countered its awful odor by adding the jelly...

Fresh cream.
"We developed the sandwich after the old owner of the company accidentally dropped some fermented soybeans into a bowl of cream one day, decided to have a taste of the concoction and liked what it did for him."

Coming soon to a sandwich shop near you!

[Just kidding about that]

[I think]

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