Saturday, December 01, 2007

The 2007 Neiman Marcus Adolphus Children's Parade

Yes, it's a LOT of pictures... but it's only a few of the ones I actually took, so bear with me, k?

This is Alice with some of the funniest folks at the parade:

And here's Alice with her helper, Nikki, an intern Child Life Specialist at Children's Medical Center:

JoeMama and Manita:

Isaac, finding amusement in "Bejeweled" on my cell phone:


Miss America (yes, THAT Miss America!):

Isaac's favorite parade participants:

And here we have the "Red Hot Mamas" from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Apparently they're a dance troupe of mothers who perform with strollers. I thought it was weird enough that it should be included:

High steppers galore!

Alice in a Clown Wagon:

I was just unable to get an un-blurry picture of her with my camera. [growl]

Hello, Kitty!

Santa!!! Oh, wait, that's not the real one. It's just a balloon.

But now we have penguins... wait, doesn't Santa live at the NORTH Pole? What are penguins doing here???

This was a rather enormous patriotic float with a zillion dancers accompanying them. I wouldn't have bothered sharing a picture except that on the back of the wagon was a real, live Bald Eagle:

You're a mean one, Mister Grinch:

Santa! Santa saves the day!!!

Families of the children participating were given priority seating in the bleachers right in front of the Dallas City Hall. It wasn't cold at all, just cool and overcast with an occasional slight sprinkle-drop. All in all, quite a day! I didn't much like having to walk from the staging area at the Hyatt Regency (under the Reunion Tower, that big ball-on-a-stick building) for about a mile to the City Hall and then back again, and my knees are complaining mightily... but it was worth it. I've never gotten to see THIS kind of parade before, not even just along the side of the street. What a privilege!

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