Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This will end well

Six Flags wants to sell beer at its Arlington parks

"We will have very strict guidelines in place, along with extensive training and auditing procedures, to make sure the serving is controlled," he said.

Six Flags, the second-biggest U.S. theme park operator after Walt Disney Co., has lost money in the last four quarters and has seen its revenue decline as attendance falls and spending on new rides increases.

Attendance might be falling because the park is dirty, rides are out of order when you go, and -oh, there's the small issue of FORTY BUCKS PER TICKET. I can assure you that shelling out $200 for my family of five, combined with the prospect of standing in hour-long lines next to beer-guzzling mouth-breathers and their demon-spawn line-jumping brats, is more than enough to keep me away from Six Flags forever.

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