Sunday, December 02, 2007

A little too much excitement?

I think yesterday's fun and games has taken its toll on Alice. She's having so many seizures today, she can't walk without falling down. I'm staying home with her.

UPDATE: The seizures seem to have subsided, but she has been vomiting. I think she might have just contracted a stomach virus or something like that. I bathed her after she puked, and had to hold her up while she seized during the bath. Eesh. This was a new manifestation of seizure activity that I hadn't seen her do before. It's still not what could be characterized as a "grand mal" type of full-body, unconscious seizure. She's completely lucid through the entire episode, but can't control her movements. Very, very strange.

There is also the possibility that she doubled a dose of her medicine, which freaks me out. Yesterday when we got home from the parade, we unpacked all our stuff after having spent the night at JoeMama's house, and her evening dose was gone... but I hadn't remembered her taking it, and neither could she, so we gave her her usual evening dose that night. The side effects from ODing on her two meds do include the symptoms she's been displaying today, but we have no idea how it could've happened. We're certainly retracing our steps and trying to ferret out the truth.

But we just don't know what happened. We're watching her carefully and we'll call the neuro tomorrow and see what she says.

Sometimes being a mommy is pretty scary, yanno?

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