Saturday, September 08, 2007


I was just on the verge of emerging from the withdrawal symptoms and being internet-free... and then Google let me back into my account.

As an aside, if any of you (and if you've ever e-mailed me, you did) received a Quechup invite from me, it was sent out WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Stay away from Quechup at all costs, folks. They are scum. If there were someone I could report them to, I would. And I apologize profusely and copiously for the unwanted e-mail from me. There were people on my address list that I really didn't ever want reading any mail from me ever again, and that probably looked weird getting a social-networking invite from me.

As soon as I realized Quechup had stolen my address book, I went in and changed my password to my Google account.

And then I completely, totally forgot it. Not even a remote clue. Still don't know.

What I didn't realize, though, is that if you forget your password in Google, you can get a notification e-mail sent to your alternate e-mail address.

However, I hadn't changed my alternate e-mail address since leaving Des Moines and our old ISP, so that address was defunct.

In that event, Google will give you your "security questions" (mom's maiden name, etc.) that you put in when you applied for the e-mail account. Yep, they'll give you the questions. But not for FIVE DAYS. I can see why, sort-of... but if they're security questions, why won't Google give them to you automatically?

Today was the first day I could access the security questions, which I promptly answered and then began the arduous task of digging through five days' worth of e-mails.

As a wrap-up, let me remind you: STAY AWAY FROM QUECHUP. They should be shut down for their unethical practices.

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