Monday, June 18, 2007


Since today was the last day that we'd be eligible for the Wal-Mart employee discount, we bit the bullet and took Martha in for her annual eye exam. While I was sitting in the optometrist's office, however, I remembered that we needed to have Isaac's eyesight checked, too.

Guess what?

The doctor said he's far-sighted and has astigmatism... just like me and just like Poppi. We were actually kind-of surprised; he's never really complained or seemed to have a problem before. At any rate, the doctor said he needs to wear them all the time. So we picked out the coolest, bendiest frames we could find. He thinks he looks like a scientist. Wouldn't you agree?

Miss Martha also had to get new frames and lenses. She's kinda hard on pretty much anything she owns, really. I think the new ones make her look even more grown-up than before:

The optometrist office is in Sherman, where they had to do a number of high-water rescues and where one woman actually died when her car was caught in rapidly rising flood waters. At the optometrist's, they had had quite a bit of water in the office and had spent the morning cleaning the place up. I thought it looked remarkably unscathed, considering.

Gainesville, which is the same distance west of us that Sherman is to the east of us, also seems to have been hit pretty hard. Rooftop rescues, etc... pretty horrible. That's where I do about a third of my shopping (split fairly evenly between Sherman, Gainesville and Denton).

For now, and we hope no more rain of that quantity decides to pour onto us all at once, the Collinsville area is very, very soggy and there's quite a bit of standing water, but we're okay. Our rent house seems to be of the pier-and-beam type, so it's kind-of like we're up on stilts a little bit.

Okay, anyhow, enough rain already. The area is starting to look like a tropical rainforest, it's so green and lush. I'm wondering if waterlilies would be the most appropriate choice for bedding plants this summer. I've no doubt they'd grow and thrive there.

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