Monday, June 18, 2007

HOW many inches of rain?

The NWS is reporting that we got over eight inches of rain since 5 AM.

EIGHT. In the past four hours.

I don't have a rain gauge, but I'm going to differ with that because I absolutely KNOW that it's been pouring down rain since just after midnight here in Collinsville, and Mom just called to say she'd heard we got twelve inches.

How can t w e l v e inches of rain in nine hours fall in a place where, just last summer, we were suffering the effects of a multi-year drought?

Rick still isn't home from Sherman. I wonder when he'll be able to?

A FOOT OF RAIN. Not a foot of snow, mind you. A foot of RAIN.

And we still have electricity and internet. Hooray!! I can survive a LONG time if I have those. hehe

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