Monday, June 18, 2007

Glub, glub, glub...

We're underwater today. It's been crashing and storming since midnight, and it's still crashing and pouring rain at twenty 'til eight. Rick just called from the store in Sherman and said he can't get home because the roads are flooded over between there and here. Here's what our radar looked like a couple of minutes ago:

The little circle with a plus-sign in it? That's us. Here's one of the NWS warnings we're under:

Statement as of 5:20 AM CDT on June 18, 2007

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth has issued a

* Flash Flood Warning for...
Cooke County in north central Texas...
Grayson County in north central Texas...

* until 915 am CDT

* at 520 am CDT... National Weather Service meteorologists detected very heavy rain thunderstorm 8 miles south of Collinsville... or about 15 miles south of Whitesboro... moving east at 15 mph. Another thunderstorm with very heavy rainfall was near Gainesville. Cooke County emergency management reported water
partially blocking northbound Interstate 35 near Valley View... with numerous County roads under water.
Grayson County officials reported high water rescues underway in Collinsville. This extends the Flash Flood Warning previously issued.

* Other locations in the warning include but are not limited to Gunter... Dorchester... Knollwood... Howe... Sherman... Tom Bean... Bells and Whitewright

Excessive runoff from this storm will cause flash flooding of small creeks and streams... Highways and underpasses. Additionally... country roads and farmlands along the banks of creeks and streams and other low lying areas are subject to flash flooding.

Like I said, we're underwater here. I dare not get out because I don't want to be one of the high-water rescues (Collinsville is the actual name of this place that I've been calling North Ruralville all this year). I'm just glad we still have electricity and high-speed internet... the staples of life, yanno.

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