Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Tomorrow's the last day for students. Of course, we teachers still have to slog around up there for a few more days, but it's pretty much OVER.

I began packing everything up and taking down all the wall stuff today. I intend to be DONE cleaning out that room as soon as possible so that I will have nothing to do for the days I am forced to sit up there. I'll bring my watercolors, if nothing else.

I haven't heard from the folks over at the new high school, which I will call BallyHoo. Until I officially sign paperwork, I'm not house-hunting. But I can be excited about it, can't I? I'm hoping to find something that has more than two bedrooms to divvy up between five people, AND it would be nice if it didn't have plush pink carpet with vile-looking stains in bizarre places. Or carpet in the kitchen. Who puts carpet in a KITCHEN? It's too gross to comprehend. [shudder]

When I'm finally and completely through with school, we're all packing up and heading to Yellowstone for a family road trip. Well, all but Rick, who isn't able to swing the time off right now. I am still praying that we get to caravan with our vehicles. Mom is just certain we need to rent a 12-passenger van (which I don't think is big enough, but what do I know?) and all go together. YECH! I love my family, but I need my space, people. Plus, if I don't drive, I get carsick. I don't think Pop is going to be too keen on relinquishing the steering wheel.

[praying fervently]

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