Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh, me weary bones!

I have just spent all day in my classroom, packing up the stuff I want to keep, throwing away the stuff I don't. It's still a mess, but at least I know it's all trash or stuff I am not taking with me. I think I will enlist the children to come with me tomorrow morning to get my last sign-off sheet turned in and get all the bits and pieces of trash finally done away with. I hate to leave it as messy as it is right now.

And, as usual after a day doing this sort of activity, I am stiff and sore and weary. Blech. I also had to do a mad, flapping dance when I uncovered an eight-legged creature who moved really really quickly. Bladder control isn't always so reliable in moments such as those.

I've also been in a particularly black, moldy mood. I'm usually a cheerful person and don't have the urge to snap at someone, but today I feel like telling someone where to go and how to get there. No headache, though -- there's one thing I can be excited about.

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