Sunday, May 27, 2007

Making a list... checking it twice...

When I spoke to the principal over at Ballyhoo, he said to make a list of needed supplies/equipment.


Of course, I knew that was coming. But he didn't give me a target dollar figure. From what I can come up with, supplying my classroom with the basics (not including furniture) is going to set them back about six grand to start with. That doesn't include the expense of special projects throughout the year, just the basics.

Not all of that would be a recurring expense, however... and I'm going to suggest they institute a materials fee of $30 for those entering a high school art class, $25 for middle school. Maybe that will offset a good portion of that expense.

When I mentioned this to Aunty Ada just now, she said, "And so what are you going to do if they tell you that you can only have six HUNDRED instead of six THOUSAND?"

I don't know, honestly. I had already planned to apply for grants here and there; that may be what I have to do. But I'm hoping they can come up with at least a good portion of the initial outlay.

And I may just be dreaming. I hope not.

I will, of course, list the items according to their immediate priority need. Some things, such as a mat cutter, will be needed at some point during the year, but not necessarily on the first day or week.

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