Friday, May 18, 2007

I guess I should confess

Yes, I am forty years old. But I still sleep with a teddy bear.

No, not just "a" teddy bear.

I sleep with Sherman the bear. And I've done so since my freshman year in college, when I received him as a Christmas present.

I think that my freshman year was so emotionally difficult for me that I must've needed something to hug at night. He filled the bill.

During college, I used to douse him with the cologne belonging to the boyfriend du jour just so I could inhale the aroma while I slept.

I don't bother with such pointless romanticism these days. I do, however, harbor a bit of deserved shame for such foolishness, and I try to keep Sherman tucked out of sight whenever possible.

I tried to quit him a few times. I've even tried to replace him with a suitably-sized pillow or other stuffed animal, since he has gotten a bit gray and worn-out over the years. It has never worked. He's exactly the right fit for tucking under my arm. Yes, I can manage to fall asleep without him, but having him around makes it so much easier and more comfy.

Pathetic, I know. But apparently I'm not alone. Someone's actually written a book and put together a web site of treasured and well-loved stuffed animals, called Dirty Wow Wow. Bizarre name, to be sure, but the idea is kind-of nice. You send in your photograph of your own "lovey" and share a brief story about it.

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