Thursday, May 17, 2007

Stuff I've seen this week / Alice Update

This whole area where I live (Denton, Grayson & Cooke counties) is brimming with horse farms. It's very much like what Heaven will be for me, except I will actually live on one of them there. Here, I only get to press my nose against the window and look longingly. These are splendid Arabian mares on a nearby farm. They had the glossiest coats I'd ever seen outside of a horse show. They knew they were beautiful, too -- they had the typical Arabian-horse attitude and behavior when I strode up to the fence to get a closer look.

For Mother's Day, Mom and I and the kids went out to eat at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Denton. YUM!!

And yet another chapter in the When Little Boys Sleep saga... I can never be sure just where he'll be at any given moment while he's sleeping. Of course, as soon as I snapped the picture, I put the camera aside and lifted him back onto the bed. He never knew a thing.

And that's what I've taken pictures of this week. It's been a very BUSY week, obviously, and I've seen lots of other things that I wish I could've stopped to photograph but I didn't have the time to spare. Just tonight I spent two hours driving all over north Texas to find a pharmacy that had the right medicine for Alice, because the neuro wants to try one more medication before moving on to the next thing.

And the next thing for Miss Alice is a PET scan and another session in the EMU (Epilepsy Monitoring Unit) to look more closely at the specific areas of seizure activity. They are moving towards eventual surgery to sever the link between the hemispheres of her brain in an attempt to diminish the impact of the intractable and frequent seizures.

[sigh] Brain surgery wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but I did know that it was a possibility. We're all weighing the options to decide where the Point Of Diminishing Returns lies... will major invasive surgery make enough of a difference for her to make it worthwhile? It's what we're going to look at with the PET scan and the next EMU session.

Alice is such a precious little soul. I don't want to do a single thing to mess that up.

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