Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stuff I saw today

And I saw PLENTY today, believe me.

Last night the kids and I packed an overnight bag and headed up to Texoma for the evening (along with JoeMama and the Grands). This morning we grabbed the fishin' poles and went out to drown some worms.

While we were there, Martha The Elder and Martha The Younger caught a sand bass each, and Mr. Isaac caught THREE fish -- a sand bass and two catfish.

We took them back to the cabin; JoeMama and Granddad cleaned the fish and Grandmother fried 'em up for lunch. Talk about a little piece o' heaven... fish THAT FRESH just can't be beat:

After a nap, we headed up to AuntyAda's house, because she had alerted me to the blooming of a Very Important Wildflower:

This particular wildflower, which has an actual name of "Standing Cypress" (Gilia rubra), is the flower we have always just called "Mama Alice Flowers."

Grandmother's mother, my great-grandmother, was Alice Poindexter. But we all called her "Mama Alice." Her birthday was at the beginning of June, and red was her favorite color. These flowers were always blooming along the roadsides about the time of her birthday, and we always gathered several stalks of them and took them to her for her birthday.

The tiny flowers resemble trumpets, and the stalks remind me of my Aunty Ada's legs when she doesn't shave. Oh, sorry -- that was what Aunty Ada herself said. (tee hee!) Actually, the stems look like tall bottle-brushes.

The roadsides were simply bursting with blooms of every color:

Also along the roadside we spied a handsome Snapping Turtle (notoriously bad-tempered creatures):

I even got to see a few Birmingham Roller pigeons belonging to Aunty Ada's brother-in-law:

And Isaac and his cousin Daniel had a spiffy time doing boy stuff:

A splendid day was had by all, I think.

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