Friday, May 04, 2007


I remember that there were brief occasions when, as a youngster, I was overtaken by boredom. Those occasions were certainly rare, because I could almost always find something to do or think about.

My own kids have more trouble with this than I did, I think. Maybe I'm just not remembering my childhood accurately, but it seems as though they have too much around them to entertain them. The only cartoons I had were on Saturday mornings; the rest of the time I went outside (in nice weather) or got a piece of paper to draw on or a book to read (in any weather).

Now there seem to be unnumbered complaints when things get slow. We're in a hotel, for Pete's sake -- go exploring. Go read the tourist brochures in the lobby. Go find all the ice machines. Ride the elevators.

Well, we're heading out to have some supper, so perhaps this will jumpstart the interest factor again.

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