Friday, May 04, 2007

More Haitians die trying to make it out

Boat Jammed With Haitians Capsizes in Shark-Infested Waters; at Least 20 Dead, Dozens Missing

Knowing what I do about how truly dire their situation, I can imagine that I'd probably rather die in the ocean taking a chance at acquiring freedom, too, since their chances of freedom and opportunity in Haiti are ZERO.

That country is a prime example of what happens when a country's very foundations are bound up in corruption and murder and power-grabbing. It's a stinking cesspool of Satanic sludge, and the life of an individual Haitian is one of terrible suffering and deprivation. If I had any way to bring my Haitian friends to the US legally, I'd do it today. The people I know are hard-working, kind-hearted, and would assimilate into US culture and become decent, productive citizens. Not a single terrorist among them. [sigh]

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