Monday, February 26, 2007

Yet another reason I hate government

("Angry Cat" by Pinguino)

A couple of weeks ago I got a speeding ticket in Oklahoma. [growl] It was a trap, of course, but they nabbed me fair and square and I didn't have much recourse. The officer probably didn't like my Texas plates, so he handed me my hiney on a platter and my ticket was going to cost $203 (I was going 80 in a 65 zone). Of course, nowadays they're up-to-date in Okra-Homa, and they have all the fines listed carefully on a tidy manila envelope in which you can put your cashier's check or money order. The officer handed me said envelope and I went along my merry way.

We sent the check in promptly, because we're decent law-abiding citizens who don't like to raise a fuss.

Today I received a notice in the mail from the Court Clerk's office in Marshall County, Oklahoma, saying I still owe them $11. Want to know why? Here's her nice little note:

The prices on the gold envelope that the officer gave you were incorrect. The prices increased on 11-1-06. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks!

Can someone explain to me why, three months after the rate increase went into effect, this is MY problem?!? Can they not give their officers updated information? I'm quite certain that if the roles were somehow reversed, the government would still come out on top in this matter. Isn't it that way in taxes -- if you owe back taxes, you owe interest, but if you pay in more, they don't owe you beans? This doesn't seem quite right to me.

Don't even get me started on my opinion of the constitutionality of speed limit laws...

No, it hasn't. But sometimes it feels good to spit nails instead of chewing them.

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