Monday, February 26, 2007

Finally it's been confirmed

make you

I've always thought so, myself. I hate them. They are largely a waste of time and nothing is accomplished. Faculty meetings tend to go one of two ways -- either a monotonous list of announcements that could've been e-mailed to me, or a ranting beeyotch-fest that I don't need/want to hear. Special-Ed meetings are merely a time for CYA, to have me put my signature on something saying I was there, for the benefit of the government agencies who fund the program.

Whenever I get to miss school to go to some kind of teacher's meeting, it tends to have little to do with the content and much more to do with "I'm going to eat my own liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti if I have to deal with these students one more day, and here's a great excuse to be gone."

Anyhow, my opinion's been backed up now. I can continue to merrily utilize my time sitting in meetings to personally brainstorm things to blog about. Or things to paint. Or I can mentally review the chord progressions in the new song I'm trying to learn for the band.

What do YOU do to pass the time when you're forced to sit in a meeting?

(artwork: "Bored Meeting", sculpture painting in shadow-box frame by Julie Borden.)

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