Thursday, November 30, 2006


As my Aunt Patti has stated, the whole state of Oklahoma is closed until further notice. And now, North Ruralville and much of the rest of northern Texas is also closed. They sent us home from school at 11 AM in the midst of stinging sleet, freezing rain and snow mixed all together. In Iowa, it might've shut down the rural districts in the same manner, but in The Big City we rarely were let go for such events because the sand/salt trucks would've been out in force. They don't spend money on stuff like that down here. What would be the point?

Any-hoo, I'm delighted to report that I'm going to get a nap this afternoon instead of popping a caffeine tablet with my lunch to prop my eyelids open. Wahoo!

By the way, I need to clarify something: "North Ruralville" is not really the name of the city I live in, or the high school I teach in. It's a euphemistic term that I invented. I do not wish to be widely known as a blogger here in my community, not because I want to spy on people, but because I'd like to keep my job. I don't -- I can't -- blog from school, so that avenue isn't going to be a problem, but if someone reads something I've written and takes offense, misinterprets, or is uncomfortable with it, I could be in trouble. I'd rather be safe than unemployed. I love my school and I love my students, and I'd like to stay here.

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