Thursday, November 30, 2006

InStyle's Look of the Day

The InStyle editors chose this ensemble, worn by Ivanka Trump. I like it, too -- I've always been fond of the look of silk, and the actual words "gray silk" just sound so luxurious and feminine. I think this outfit is so smart-looking, girlish but with a businesslike touch (as one might expect from The Donald's Progeny)

This outfit was also in the running:

Beautiful Angie Harmon wears an outfit that's closer to something I'd wear. Gotta love those brazen leopard-print boots that set off the monochromatic black; it's a look she sports very well. This one might've gotten my vote simply because it's Angie Harmon and I'm easily distracted by whether I am fonder of the wearer... but I think that the InStyle folks probably pegged the Trump togs correctly this time.

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