Thursday, November 09, 2006


Tomorrow I'm going to board the shiny silver tube and have myself hurled into the atmosphere in the general direction of Tennessee.

Wheeeeeee!!! Swett's... Rock Block Guitar Shoppe... Swett's... Smack Clothing Store... Swett's... Naked frolicking people sculpture... Swett's... Bongo Java & the Nun Bun... did I mention Swett's? In the immortal words of the old man in Holy Grail, "I feel happy!"

Now I need to go back to the other house and finish packing. Y'all behave while I'm gone; I can't take the laptop with me because it's become the main computer for the household and Rick will need to use it to print off his Sunday sermon notes & such. I doubt I'll get a chance to be online at all until Sunday night when I get back home.

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