Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Well, folks, I made it to the big 4-0.

And honestly, it hasn't been as bad as other birthdays have felt. I didn't cry, not even once. Maybe I'm just too old to care anymore.

I always pick a word of the day to give to my classes as a journal entry topic; today's word was "decrepit." [snicker]

Any-hoo, Mom & Bethy drove all the way up here to North Ruralville with an eNORmous carrot cake (my traditional birthday celebration cake) and we par-tayed at the Country Star Restaurant (it's our only restaurant here in North Ruralville, and it's YUMMY!).

Some pix of this evening's festivities? Why yes, yes I do have some.

Me, with two of my small fry

Yes, that cake has FORTY CARROTS on it! Woohoo!

And nyah-nyah to Kevin of Yippee-Ki-Yay!

MamaSue actually found me a Woody Woodpecker breakfast set, exactly like the one I used to have when I was really little, that we ordered off the back of the cereal box. What a terrific birthday present!

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