Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Random photos

I thought I'd bore you with a few random photos I've managed to snag in the past week or so.
This is an interesting action shot I took while driving FM 922 west of Tioga, Texas. I wasn't aiming it or even looking at it, I just held the camera up with my left hand and took the picture while never taking my eyes off the road. There were several that didn't turn out to look like anything at all, but this one looked uber-cool, so I kept it. The lighted dial you see is really the reflection in my window, and the streak is a passing car.

Here's a Thanksgiving Day at Lake Texoma shot, looking up at the incredibly blue sky through some elm branches. That was some NICE weather, that's what.

And here are some oak leaves which had finally begun to blush a lovely shade of red.

I love taking pictures of things.

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