Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pinko Libs In Charge Of News

Like that was a surprise, right?

Check out this headline, though:

Squirrel OK after fiery chimney surprise

Honestly!! That's a REAL HEADLINE. Of course, it's from Wisconsin, which explains the ridiculously liberal bent. Anyway, get this story:

The squirrel fell down a chimney at a Two Rivers home and landed in a fire in a fireplace Monday night, said Two Rivers Assistant Fire Chief Gary Shavlik.

The squirrel escaped the fire and ran around the house, Shavlik said.

Firefighters later caught it and called Wildlife of Wisconsin, an agency that helps wild animals. The squirrel suffered from bloody paws.

Yes, unbelievably, the durn rat SURVIVED and ran around the house. It would've been my luck that its tail would've caught fire as it escaped the chimney and would've set my house ablaze. How grateful the teary-eyed homeowner must've been to know that his house was not damaged AND the poor widdle skwerl had survived.

Bloody paws, indeed. A good fireplace screen could've solved this problem, and they could've had some roasted rat for a bedtime snack. Idiots. Gosh.

By the way, the hilarious skwerl pic was discovered on Flickr. Of course, the idiotic stupid squirrel was photographed in Austin, Texas -- the center of the known universe of idiotic and stupid liberalism.

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