Saturday, November 25, 2006

Oklahoma Sooners Win!!

Boomer Sooner!

OU 27, OSU 21. Smackdown!!!
And thanks to that bee-YEW-tifull whuppin' that Texas A&M delivered to the short-horns yesterday, we're headed for the Big 12 Cham-peen-ship game in Kansas City.

In an interesting aside, I just read on ESPN that the replay official for the OU-Oregon game back earlier in the season admits that he knew that last onside-kick call was bad... we'd be 11-1 now instead of 10-2 if they'd've called that game right. I was hoppin' mad that day; it was blatantly wrong and the officials had seemed to spend the entire day jerking the rug out from under the Sooners.

Nonetheless, we're going to deliver some hiney-kickin' to the New-braska Cornyboys.

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