Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Texas State Fair

The reason I didn't post a "Today's Fortune Cookie" or a "Today's English Lesson" yesterday was because the North Ruralville school district gave us a State Fair Day and gave us all free tickets to the fair... so of course, we went! Thought you'd enjoy looking at a few pictures of our day yesterday.

Howdy, folks!! Welcome to the Great State Fair of Texas!!
Ya just gotta love ol' Big Tex.

We love funnel cakes!!!

Three new Texas residents enjoying listening to Big Tex

MamaSue, chillin'

Isaac was thoroughly fascinated by the caricaturist. A future artist, perhaps??
Mommy can hope so...

I love the Art Deco architecture at Fair Park in Dallas.

The Cotton Bowl! Wheee!!

Isaac saw this place and thought it was weird to advertise "French Creeps."
I thought it was odd, too. hehe

What the heck IS this Ford creation?

The guys in the mariachi band took some time off from their strolling to check out the new cars.

Members of Dallas' finest, patrolling the Escalade display. Yep, his shirt reads "Gang Unit." The DPD's Gang Unit was all over the auto building like bling on a pimp. And I was thankful; let's keep the State Fair a place where I can bring my kids and not find myself in the middle of a gang war... even though Fair Park is actually located in a rather rough neighborhood in Dallas.

The midway... we tried to steer clear of the rides and the hucksters in the game booths. Not our thang, y'know.

We're Sooner fans... yeah, I know, they lost, but hope springs eternal, and there's always next year. Boomer Sooner! Barbecued Bevo -- a tasty State Fair treat!

Welcome to the Cotton Bowl!! But what the heck is that sign over to the side?

So what if I feel faint during the second quarter? Am I out of luck?

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