Sunday, October 08, 2006

Haute couture...

Ever wanted to slink down a catwalk wearing a white chain-link fence on your head?

How about a chain-link fence with dirt and leaves in it? And a pair of black wax lips?

Then you'll want to purchase YOUR next ensemble from Brit designer John Galliano.

You're welcome.

Of course, if chain link isn't your cup o'tea, how about a pirate sword?

This poor waif appears to have undergone some sort of long-term abuse. She's down to wearing Iron Chef Mario Batali's bib-front apron... along with an alien-mucus amulet.

Now *this* outfit I actually like... but that's only because it reminds me of my patchwork pants I used to wear when I was in the second grade. This is the second instance of patchwork I've seen on the catwalk this season; I'm guessing it might be a trend that will show up in stores.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's the woman from Gustav Klimt's painting "The Kiss."

Bettas, gouramis... they're both tropical fish from the family Anabantidae, and they build nests of bubbles in which to lay their eggs. Obviously this designer was inspired by this family of fish when he created this little number:

Gotta love high fashion.

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