Saturday, August 05, 2006

It ain't the heat

And it ain't the humidity, either.

It's the sandburrs.

The soil here in North Ruralville, Texas is pure-D, one hundred percent sand. No loam, no clay, just sand. It appears to be the perfect place for propagating this vile plant. Our yard is completely covered with them, and scads of the excruciatingly spiny burrs manage to find their way into the carpet of this house. I swear, they're everywhere.

If we decide to set up shop on a more permanent basis here in this locale, we're building a house with cement or hardwood floors and we'll have a yard sodded with Bermudagrass. I prefer St. Augustine lawns, but this is pretty far north in Texas so I don't know if it will thrive as well as Bermudagrass.

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