Sunday, August 06, 2006

Powerless... but wet, finally

After a jam-packed day of waving goodbye to Daddy, going to church, and heading to the metroplex to meet MamaSue and Beth & Brian for a bit of tax-free clothes shopping, we wearily drove the hour and a half back home to North Ruralville only to find that God had answered the prayer for rain... yay! But the rain had packed quite a windy wallop and the power was out in most of North Ruralville. We waited a while, but gave up and gathered up Bijou and a change of clothes and headed back to MamaSue's house about half an hour south. I might've stayed, but I realized I didn't have any candles or even a flashlight at the new locale yet.


I am so grateful for the rain, though. It was such a welcome relief.

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