Saturday, June 10, 2006

Interruption of Service

I am so spoiled. A spate of thunderstorms blew through last night and interrupted the cable and the internet for most of the day. I feel a new sense of gratitude when web sites just load right up with no delays. Even Blogger has been wonky for a good portion of the week. It's enough to cause a general sense of malaise...

Oh, wait, wasn't that the word that got Jimmah Carter in trouble?

I didn't mean malaise. Doldrums, maybe? Of course, that could just be the fact that it was FORTY-FIVE FREEKIN' DEGREES outside this morning, with blustery winds and intermittent cold rain. I suppose THAT could've done it.

It's JUNE, for Pete's sake. June the TENTH, even. Don'tcha think it's time for it to stay warm? I had to wear a coat this morning, and I was wishing for my gloves. That just ain't right.

It ain't.

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