Friday, May 05, 2006


I get a daily e-mail from and have been doing so for quite a while (hoping, I guess, to find something serendipitous). I wonder -- is this it?

Pianist needed at First Christian Church in Waukee.

Waukee is the westernmost suburb of Des Moines and it's the home of Rick's printing plant.

Think I oughta apply for this one? I can easily meet all the qualifications. And the main difference is that this would be a paying gig... which could be a serious help to us in the coming year.

Rick and I have talked about this, and while it looks absolutely "perfect" on its face, the clincher is this: would we want our children to grow up in this church? And our answer was, "No." He pointed out (and I knew also that this would be the case) that this was a business contract, that there was an endowment and that it would all be proper and official and formal... the very thing that we hate most in a church. It was just too ironic that the job opening came up like that, where it looked like an exact match for what I was wanting to do: be a professional pianist.

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