Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Slitting my wrist

Okay, that sounded a bit harsh. But it's true. On Thursday, my wonderful superfantastic orthopedic hand surgeon is going to slit my right wrist open and slice through... okay, instead of describing it, how 'bout I show you just exactly what he's going to do?

Nice, huh?

I won't lie... I'm a little keyed-up about it. I realize that it's an extremely common surgical procedure and that the chances of a foulup are infinitesimal, but still -- this is my RIGHT HAND he's slicing open. Something goes wrong and I could be forever unable to play the piano or paint with that hand.

On the flipside, however, I wonder how it's going to feel to finally be able to FEEL my fingers and to be able to manipulate very small things like earrings and necklace clasps again. I wonder if I'll be less shaky with the paintbrush? I wonder how it will feel not to drop things all the time because I can't tell how hard I'm gripping?

It will be an interesting experience, in any case.

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