Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Salsa Potato Salad

For those of you who either 1)don't care for the traditional mustard-based potato salad or 2)just want to try something really good and different, you can mix up a batch of my very own potato salad sensation. Yes, I invented this my very own self, after Rick and I were married, because I was trying to make potato salad and I decided I wasn't using mustard in it because I didn't like yellow mustard. Here's what I do:

One 5# bag of Yukon Gold potatoes (or reds, but never russets -- too grainy for this)
Boil the potatoes until done, then peel skins off. Dice the potatoes into chunks and add:

1 cup Hellmann's real mayonnaise
1 cup salsa (you pick how spicy you want it to be)
1/2 cup Dijon mustard (optional, but I like the tanginess it adds)
6-12 chopped boiled eggs
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
1/2 cup roasted sunflower seeds (optional, but lends a very nice crunch)

Mix together gently, trying to keep the potato chunks semi-intact. If the salad isn't saucy enough, add more mayo and salsa until it's the consistency you want. In fact, it probably won't be -- but I always just "play" with the amounts to make it to my liking. Sometimes I put an entire jar (one of the little ones) of mayo and an entire jar of salsa in it. It's just whatever you like, really. Free yourself from the recipe and be experimental here.

I know, it may sound strange to you, but trust me -- once you've tried this, you may not ever want to go back to the old yellow-mustard stuff.

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stpetric said...

Sounds great! I want some! But scrap the eggs. Whoever decided potato salad needed eggs, anyway?