Thursday, May 14, 2015

Emotional Wreck

One of the side effects of the horrible busy-ness of this time of year is that I'm on the ragged edge of falling apart emotionally. If all the cogs on all the wheels don't line up just right, and something goes awry, I can normally just handle it and move along, being a fairly happy person in general. What ALWAYS throws a wrench into my life is the human factor... when someone else is unreasonably uncooperative and lacks understanding, and THEN one of the cogs breaks on a wheel... that's a recipe for a bit of a cry.

But I already feel better.

[waving my hands upward]

Let it go. Just let it go.

(not the Idina Menzel sort of "let it go", but the sort where you just move along and let it pass)

The serenity prayer sort of "let it go." You know -- the kind where you accept the things you can't change. I generally don't lack the courage to change the things I can. Once in a great while, I fail to discern the difference. Lord, I need wisdom.

And peace.

Right now, thanks.

[just kidding]

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