Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Return of the Spring

 Because Chickie asked me to, I'm posting the signs of Spring we're currently enjoying around our homestead.

First, we have Flowering Quince (commonly called "Japonica" around here). I adore the happy pink blossoms on the bare branches; the leaves eventually show up. The shrubs are unremarkable any other time of year, but the pink harbingers of Spring make them very popular. They're like little barometers; they're some of the first pops of color that can be seen in local landscapes, along with the jonquils and daffodils.
 Here's one of my regal purple iris blossoms. They're just exquisite. I'm always so glad to see the purple ones, as they're kind-of like the yard royalty. The particular specimens that grow in my yard aren't anywhere near as tall as the other ones, interestingly... but short folks can be special too, right? [she says, being all of four feet, eleven inches, herself]
 These little weedy punks always make people think the bluebonnets have arrived early... but they're not even related to Lupinus texensis. No, they're Muscari neglectum, tiny perennial bulbs which do best when [go figure] left alone to do their thing. Which, now that I say that, also applies to bluebonnets. But the bluebonnets are so antisocial that if you even try to transplant or water or mess with them in any way, they refuse to bloom. Unless you walk on them; they seem to dig being abused and neglected! But the grape hyacinths can often be seen spreading in patches of sunny yard that haven't been fertilized or tilled or herbicided, especially old-timey homestead yards... like mine, come to think of it.

The white irises are like nuns, very plain and pure and dependable. I love the way the light filters through the translucent, thin petals... like diaphanous silk.
Dude the Magisterial Moggy Man-Cat approves. He saw me sitting on the ground and trotted over for skritches. Then he settled into position next to a little Muscari blossom and surveyed his kingdom.

Happy Spring to you and yours!

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The Chick Voice said...

Thanks GDazz. I did walk around my tiny garden tonight and only say a tiny bit of green - ish on my columbines. Loved the pictures and so happy you're back!!