Saturday, January 14, 2012

Get off my lawn...

A Fence
Carl Sandburg

Now the stone house on the lake front is finished and the 
workmen are beginning the fence. 
The palings are made of iron bars with steel points that 
can stab the life out of any man who falls on them. 
As a fence, it is a masterpiece, and will shut off the rabble 
and all vagabonds and hungry men and all wandering 
children looking for a place to play. 
Passing through the bars and over the steel points will go 
nothing except Death and the Rain and To-morrow. 


So here's what I want from whoever seeks to become my President this year:


That's pretty much it. Quit spending my money, quit doling out my money to people who I believe do not deserve it and causes which I not only do not support but which run contrary to my values and principles, and quit telling me what I can and can't do when I'm not bothering anybody.

Do I think that'll happen? Pshyeah, right. But there's how I feel. That's my ideal politician leader. Somebody who cuts the whole shmear... who sends 'em all packing.

Five more months and I get to shut the gate for good.

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