Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Yep, the first blood draw was compromised. The nurse called me back today to let me know that I did NOT have hyperkalemia, as they had first feared. AND... even better... my iron levels are normal. NORMAL! Woohoo!

So the weird light-headedness I've been feeling? In all likelihood it's a side effect of not using the hormone patches anymore.

And you may be wondering why in the world I would stop taking the hormone patches... and I will be perfectly honest with you and tell you that it's because my face was breaking out horribly in hormonal acne and I'm just too vain to put up with it. I'll suffer the hot flashes before I'll put up with the giant tennisball tumors on my face.

The things we suffer.


I had a dermatologist appointment this morning, then on the way back home to pick up Isaac to take him to the orthodontist, I was trapped for an hour and a half on I-35N in Sanger when a semi overturned about ten cars in front of me. I was grateful I wasn't involved directly in the incident, but after an hour and a half of idling and running my A/C at full blast in 110 degree heat, I ten-point-turned my van around and drove down a steep embankment in an attempt to reach an access road where I might actually have a chance to get around the mess. Thankfully the other cars around me were polite enough to move as far as they could out of the way so I could even make the attempt.

And we weren't late to the orthodontist. But I felt like a wrung-out dishrag.

The rest of the evening, I went to Mom's to have a low-key celebration of my sister's 30th birthday. Pop is just so weak and frail and sick. It's so unfair. And the whole time I was at mom's, I was parked at the kitchen table sorting through the enormous pile of paperwork I had to go through in order to have Ed committed to the place in San Marcos.

While I was sitting at the table reading the interminable legalese and doing my best to recall every cut and scrape she ever suffered, Isaac came in the kitchen. "So when are we going to get my school supplies?" he asked.

I literally felt like coming unglued. But I didn't.

I am JUST. SO. TIRED. And today I just can't think.

"I can't really think about that just yet, buddy-boy," I said in the most light tone I could summon up.

I have an educational workshop I must attend tomorrow in Fort Worth, on top of all the other fun and games that tomorrow brings. I am seriously praying I can just stay awake and appear to be interested. Meetings are excruciatingly difficult for me under the best of circumstances.

One bright spot? They require us to bring a laptop to the meeting.

Which means that I may at least be able to edit photos while listening to someone drone on. This might not be so bad after all...


The Chick Voice said...

GDazz, you are in my thoughts and prayers. SO much on your plate. This virtual friend in Colorado is praying for things to work out as they should.......and for you to have the peace that passes all understanding.

Stephanie B. said...

Hi there. My mom emailed me a link to your blog. I'm glad she did. I'm a mom of 4 from McKinney, Tx. I doubt there is a person on earth who understands you better than I do, and we've never met! My daughter was recently there at San Marcos Treatment Center. I drove I35 every single weekend for as long as the insurance company would let her stay. I've lost track of the total number of crisis, short and long term admissions. I think it may be 16 or 17. At some point, I really just stopped counting and started estimating. I laughed and teared up a bit while reading your post about taking Martha to homeless shelters and being investigated by CPS. I've been there, done that...more than once! My sweetheart has been released early by the insurance company for "not meeting medical criteria/necessity" too many times. We've only recently had a breakthrough with the insurance company and are finally getting what I believe to be the help we need. Let me know if you'd like to talk more! I'll be praying for you guys.