Thursday, July 07, 2011


So we've been trying here to salvage a difficult summer and find hilarity in simple things. So Isaac and I have been Planking.

First, our front porch:

His technique is still developing. Stiffness isn't ideal, and toes aren't pointed.

This one wasn't too bad... some cinderblocks in our backyard.

A decorative fence on our town square.

City Hall.

And then our roof. Well, the accessible part of our roof. And he wasn't on the EDGE. We were careful. I don't want him injured. People get hurt or killed doing this. But they're usually drunk. And we were quite sober.

Proud to be an American Planker!

Fire Department Plank!

Waste Management Plank!

Ford Ranger Plank!

Generator Plank!

Concrete abutment thingy Plank!

Old Car Plank!

Phone Booth Plank!

Ramp Rail Plank!

Church of Christ Plank!

Cactus & WagonWheel Planking!

Planking while being observed by buzzards

Aaaand Backhoe Plank!

Okay, yes, it's silly. But we're having fun. And fun is good. That's what Dr. Seuss told me, anyway.


Elisson said...

Does it count as planking if you're face-down on a massage table?

Gradual Dazzle said...

You know, that occurred to me. But I don't know if I want to have Stacy (my masseuse) taking a picture of me facedown on the massage table, since I'm all, like, nekkid under that sheet. LOLOL

Tina Pustizzi Meschko said...

Absolutely loved the planking photos! You son has major skills...I'm inspired to do some "Granny Planking." Thanks for sharing.

Tina Pustizzi Meschko

BlogDog said...

The word you're looking for is "bollard."

Gradual Dazzle said...

Awesome, BlogDog!! Thank you. I learned a New Word. I shall now endeavor to use it three times today so that I can remember it.

Julie said...

Y'all are so awesome! I am a nerd, I had not heard of planking. Wonder if my kids would try that....:)

fillyjonk said...

Gee, I assume a similar position every night before I go to sleep. Does that mean I was planking before it was cool? (Insert graphic of the Hipster Kitty here).

Anonymous said...

does it count as planking if, uh, you are actually on a plank?

Anonymous said...

does it count as planking if, uh, you are actually on a plank?

The Chick Voice said...

i just think this is great! thanks for sharing. more! more!