Monday, February 21, 2011

The first signs of Spring have arrived in Ballyhoo



These bright little faces greeted me when I came home from school this afternoon. I needed them, too. Winter is always very hard on me, physically and mentally, and I'm never sad to see it go. Yeah, I've heard people say stuff like, "You can always put more clothes ON, but if you're too hot, there's only so much you can take OFF." But it just doesn't fly with me. I'd rather be hot. I can always get a cool drink of water. And in the summertime I don't dread having to step out of the shower because of the wall of ice that envelops me as soon as I turn off the hot water spigot.


CGHill said...

Which is why it's a good thing February is only 28 days most of the time: no one could stand it for much longer than that.

Sal said...

I haz a daffodil in my side yard...

Your boxes were put in the mail on Sat., so expect them in the next day or so. Again, sorry about the delay!