Sunday, January 30, 2011

Art that I like

"Para Hacer Cortinas"
(transl. "To Make Curtains")
Ando-Mirando (the artist's Flickr username)

I love this painting!!! It's very satisfying to me.

I was trying to explain to someone the other day why Jackson Pollock's art is, well, ART. I explained that even in the midst of his chaos, there is a rhythm and an order that delves deeper than the surface visual perception. I "get" Pollock, but it stems out of the same area of my brain that "gets" bebop jazz music. I can't do it, but I can love it and enjoy it. It requires a skill I haven't yet acquired. I won't say that I never will, though, because twenty years ago I would've asserted to you that I would never be able to play out of my head, to invent music, or to change keys on the fly without batting an eyelash. That skill just happened to me one day, out of the blue. It really did. It was one of those things that I would put on the same level as a true "tongues" experience, where you're actually quite suddenly speaking fluently in a real (read: KNOWN) language you hadn't ever studied. I needed it at a certain moment, and it was given to me in an instant. Just like that.

It was very, very cool. And weird. And has been a gift I have enjoyed immensely ever since. It has taken me to some wonderful places, and it has taken me to some very difficult and painful places as well. They've all shaped me into who I am right now.

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Anonymous said...

I have found I really like field paintings, the ones with the big wide or narrow bands of pure color.