Thursday, November 25, 2010

OK, now Christmas can officially begin!

The first thing I do after finishing Thanksgiving dinner is listen to George Winston's album December. It's been around more than 20 years now, and I think I've probably listened to it every year since it came out.

The next thing I do? I find a way to listen to the B. C. Clark jingle:

This little ditty has been around longer than I have, and it hasn't changed one teensy bit. Because my growing-up years were spent in Oklahoma, this was a Christmas fixture on par with watching Charlie Brown Christmas and tinsel on the tree. As soon as the internet made it possible to listen to -- and eventually watch -- the B. C. Clark commercial jingle, I did so, and have done ever since, even though I have not lived in Oklahoma for many many years.

Merry Christmas!

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CGHill said...

They've gone berserk with that jingle this year: it's on Facebook, and you can even follow it on Twitter.

Then again, how can you not? It's ingrained into the consciousness, and it won't ever go away.