Thursday, November 25, 2010

It may be Christmastime now, but...

It is still FALL around here:


Saw lots and lots of blazing Bradford Pear trees today, most with all three colors (brilliant green, brilliant yellow and brilliant red) on the same tree at the same time.

Today was spent at the Baptist Retirement Village near Madill, Oklahoma, sharing a Thanksgiving meal with most of the members of my dad's family, the Young clan. The food, as usual, was beyond wonderful, and there was lots of laughter and snarky humor and goofy children.

My dad has five siblings in all. Here's me with his two sisters, my precious Aunty Lea and Aunty Sookie:


Tomorrow we'll have ANOTHER fantastic Thanksgiving meal, this time down at my mom's with Grandmother and Granddad (mom's parents). I love Thanksgiving! Hopefully on Saturday we'll get to put up our Christmas tree. Wheee!!

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