Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Camera tossing

It's getting to be about time for another round of Camera Tossing, usually made more interesting by the presence of Christmas lights. I don't have my Christmas lights up just yet, but I did some preliminary tosses in front of the television as an experiment. Got some stuff I liked the look of... several involving television images, and a few capturing the overhead light instead thanks to rogue tosses. Here are a couple of samples:



I don't use the big fancy camera for this sort of activity, of course... practically speaking, it's easier to toss a little, light point-and-shoot... and then there's the risk factor. Any-hoo, if you want to give this a try, start out doing it on a carpeted surface or even atop a bed, making sure that you're pointing the camera at a light somewhere when you push the shutter button and twirl the camera at the same time. That way, when it lands, it will be on a soft surface and won't be jarred or damaged. See what you can do!

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