Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Your help needed!!

If anyone out there has old skeins of yarn (or partial skeins), any color or grade... or stacks of old magazines or catalogs with color photography in them... I need them for Art class this year. If you live within an hour or two of me, I will be glad to come pick these items up. Or if you wouldn't mind bundling them up and mailing them, I'll provide my address (privately, of course).

Your help is greatly appreciated. A couple of years ago, a dear-dear-dear friend sent me boxes and boxes of yarn and we have used it like crazy, but the color selection is finally getting whittled down enough that we need to replenish the supply. I've run through my own stacks of old magazines and catalogs for collage work, and we really do need new ones... fashion magazines are especially good, as they have lots of makeup ads (which provide lots of skin tones, which helps when we do self-portrait collages), but foodie mags with tons of color pics are also really good, as are mags like Smithsonian and National Geographic.

Thanks in advance!

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