Friday, July 16, 2010


Sutton's Redlove Era
red-fleshed apples

ZOMG I can't wait for these to hit the markets over here. They're in the UK presently, and apparently they don't get all brown when you cut them up. AND... they stay red after cooking, which means PINK APPLE PIES. From SlashFood:
The Redlove, developed by Suttons of Britain, has yet to make it into supermarkets, but those who've tasted it are giving it raves. "Berry nuances," they're saying. "Sweet and tangy." "Ideal for cooking." Not only that, but the apple may even be healthier than its paler counterparts -- that red tint is due to the presence of flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties. And get this: the flesh won't go brown, making the apple a dream for salads and other raw dishes.

Since it will probably be a while before the Redlove makes it into the mainstream market, perhaps the more eager among us should consider buying a sapling -- which apparently produces deep pink blossoms and is quite hardy. The fruit, too, is disease resistant -- "exceptionally high resistance to scab," as Suttons puts it.

If this all feels a little too brave-new-world for you, take heart: the Redlove Era is not a genetically engineered apple. It did take Markus Kobert, a Swiss fruit grower, 20 years to develop, but he did it the old-fashioned way -- through cross-pollination and grafting.


If anyone sees or hears of these being available over here across the pond, speak up!

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