Monday, February 15, 2010


At the Baylor University Medical Center's world-famous hookah bar, my Pop tokes up on their finest bronchodilators in an effort to clear his lungs and increase his O2 sats.

We sailed down the Dallas North Tollway toward downtown Dallas, Texas to go see my Pop last night. He hasn't been doing so well, you see... fluid is building up in his gut and in his lungs. They drew off 2.4L of fluid just from one of his lungs last night. No wonder he couldn't breathe!

The myeloma is in remission right now, but the other terrible problems that come along with a stem cell transplant are definitely causing him major major agony. I'm hoping they're going to get to the root of this fluid buildup thing SOON and get him the medications to fix it. I need my Daddy to get better NOW. This picture you're looking at? This is not what my Daddy looks like. Yeah, it's how he appears right now, but it's not HIM. He's supposed to be whittling in the backyard, puffing on a fine Dominican something-or-other, or cleaning a big bass... not sucking on a hospital bong.

Get well quick, Pop. I love you so much.

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