Saturday, February 13, 2010

A little local color

A few snow creations I saw in Denton yesterday when I went to my cardiologist appointment:


Ummm... wedding cake? It was quite nicely done, but I wasn't sure what it was supposed to be. Robot snowman, maybe? I dunno.

The Flying Tomato!!

When I stopped for milk at Braum's, the employees had put together this smiling creation atop one of the shrubs.

I love Braum's. I really, really do.

I hate snow, of course, but I still have a sense of humor and I still appreciate a good photo-op. Plus, I had my green & brown plaid Wellies on, so my feet didn't get cold OR wet. That, coupled with the moderate temperatures, made it bearable. If it had been minus ten out, you can bet I wouldn't be shutterbugging outdoors.

I bought those Wellies on 6th Avenue in NYC, about two blocks south of Central Park, because my feet were wet in the rain when I was walking to the MMA. I love those boots sooooo much... not only are they kickin' awesomely cute, but they evoke very happy memories, too.

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